Rock Your Reinvention: Tips For High-Achieving Career Women

Ep. 7 How You Can Rock It! in Life & Business

November 16, 2023 Karin Freeland Season 1 Episode 7
Rock Your Reinvention: Tips For High-Achieving Career Women
Ep. 7 How You Can Rock It! in Life & Business
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about starting a business but the endeavor felt too big, scary, or hard?

If so, you’ve got to hear this empowering interview with Leah Stoudenmire, CEO and Founder, of The Rock It! Co.

Leah was feeling weighed down by the corporate structure, so she started asking herself, “Why not?” Why not start a business?

Leah started The Rock It! Co., when she realized two things:

1. Her values weren’t aligning with the places she had been working 

2. There was a massive need in the market that she could fill

Leah’s path to entrepreneurship wasn’t linear. She is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, but she had a few stints in corporate mixed in. (Proving you can always go back…just maybe not for long.) 

Leah shares some valuable tips on:

  • Why you need to invest in yourself and your business
  • The importance of starting a business that you have a passion for
  • Setting goals in business and life
  • Not waiting to have everything perfect  
  • How to overcome fears (or what she calls apprehension) 

Listen to her journey unfold and discover how you can navigate following your heart, too.  

What if you could trust yourself to fill a need you see in the world?! You owe it to yourself and your future clients/customers to see this through! Whether you want to Rock It! in life or entrepreneurship, you can learn something from Leah’s journey.

Learn more about Leah and the full service marketing organization she’s built:

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